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Craig Stetson and staff are insurance professionals located in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in Medicare  Insurance for New-to-Medicare enrollees and existing beneficiaries.

Our history

A leader in the Web-based and telephone Medicare application process.

We insure out clients never, ever become "Medicare Orphans".

Our mission

Newday Medicare is where Seniors wake-up to savings every day.   

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Craig Stetson & NewDayMedicare

My job is to Help You

New to Medicare?

Want to lower your existing premiums?

Do you qualify for a household discount?

Snowbirds, Travelers and RV'ers help.

Call me at: 480-970-3430

Medicare Advantage Plans Vs Medigap Plans

What's better for you:

Medicare Advantage plans or

Medigap plans (Medicare Supplement  plans)?

I'll explain both so you can make the right choice.


Mary Jo from Cottonwood, Arizona says:

"Thank you Craig, you really took the time to help me understand my Medigap plan...

Can you give a little seminar to our home owners group... I think they could really use this information too."  August 2017

What you should do next

Turning 65 in the next six months?

Tired of high monthly premiums that keep going up?

Need to add dental, vision and hearing?

Call me at: 480-970-3430 or fill out the contact form above.

2018 changes to Medicare

Changes to Medicare for 2018 include new ID cards that don't display your Social Security number and should be sent out in June.  See example below.

Call me or sign up for updates that could affect you:  480-970-3430