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Craig Stetson and staff are insurance professionals located in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in Medicare  Insurance for New-to-Medicare enrollees and existing beneficiaries.

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A leader in Web-based and telephonic application/enrollment process. We make it easy for you to enroll in the right plan for your needs.  

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NewdayMedicare is where Seniors find easy-to-understand Medicare information, resources and enrollment.  Its where Seniors "Wake-up to savings "

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Medicare Advantage Plans Vs Medigap Plans

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Can you give a little seminar to our home owners group... I think they could really use this information too."  August 2017

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Call me and I'll walk you through the complex world of Medicare, including Original Medicare, Med Supplements, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. 

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2019 changes to Medicare

Changes to Medicare for 2019 include new ID cards that don't display your Social Security number and should be  arriving now.  See example below.

Medicare Part B deductible increases $2 to $185 per year.  And the Part B Monthly Premium increases $1.50 to $135.50 per month.  Call me for more details: 480-970-3430

A Quick Look at Medicare

Original Medicare

Known as Part A and Part B, Original Medicare is nationwide healthcare for US citizens age 65 and over, or who have certain disabilities.  Part A is free to most beneficiaries, while Part B has a $134 monthly premium (for most people); however,  see Other Information below, for income-adjusted Part B  costs. There is also a $183 annual deductible for Part B for 2018.  Original Medicare covers only about 80% of healthcare costs. so most people choose to obtain additional insurance to cover this gap.  

Medicare Supplement Plans

Private insurance which can be added to Original Medicare and which helps pay for most of what Original Medicare does not.  Many people choose  a Supplement Plan (aka Medigap Plan) because of its ease of use, fixed annual costs and  portability.   You may see any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare -- nationwide coverage.  However, you must pay additional monthly premiums for a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) often have no monthly premiums and take the place of Original Medicare.  They can include a Drug Plan along with additional benefits and typically have network doctors and hospitals.  They have co-pays and annual out-of-pocket cost limits.  You may return to Original Medicare with a Supplement Plan (Medigap plan) if you can medically qualify and/or under certain time frames and situations.

Prescription Drug Plan

Prescription Drug Plans (called Part D) are available through private insurance companies and tag onto many of the Medicare plans.  Prescription drug plans have monthly premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and cost sharing features.  A must for most Medicare  beneficiaries as penalties may apply for non-enrollment.

When to Enroll in Medicare

For most people, you can enroll up to three months prior to your birthday month, during your birthday month and up to three months after your birthday month.  However there are penalties if you miss these deadlines, with certain exceptions. You can call  or visit any social security office to enroll or using the enrollment tool found at

What To Do Next

For most people, choosing a Medicare  Health Insurance Plan is confusing and frustrating due to the complex plan types, plan names, enrollments dates and overwhelming vocabulary.   Making sense out of all this is what we do.  Check out our short videos on the Newdaymedicare Face Book page. There is no cost for using our services so please give us a call today: 480-970-3430.

More Medicare Basics

Turning 65

Its best to enroll into Medicare Parts A and B a few months (up to three) prior to  your birthday month so you have ample time to re-position your current health insurance. You will also have a one-time guaranteed right enroll into a Supplement plan with no medical questions.  A Medicare Advantage plan is also an option.

Medicare Advantage Plans

If you're turning 65 you also might want to consider a Medicare Advantage Plan (but you must be enrolled in Parts A and B, live in the service area and not have end-stag renal disease). However, unless your first Turning 65, most people need to wait until the Annual Election Period  (AEP) between October 15 and December 7 to enroll into or change your current Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare & Traveling

Original Medicare combined with a Medicare Supplement Plan can be used throughout the US and its Territories.  That means you can see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, which is great for snow birds, RVer's and other travelers.  Most Medicare Advantage Plans have limited out-of-area coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Plan F is one of the most popular supplements in the nation.  It pays 100% of the costs that Original Medicare would to bill you if you only had Original Medicare.  You will not pay any deductibles or co-pays.  

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Plan G is also a popular supplement plan because it typically costs less than Plan F.  It pays 100% of the costs that Original Medicare except for the annual $183 Part B deductible.  This is a great way to save money on a supplement plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N will usually have lower premiums than Plan F or Plan G.  You will have to pay the annual $183 Part B deductible plus up to 15% in Excess Charges (above approved Medicare rates) if charged by your doctor.

Go a Little Deeper into Medicare

Original Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A  helps cover In-patient Care in hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facility Care (limited, not Long Term Care), Hospice Care and Home Health Care (limited, not LTC).  Its like 80/20% insurance and was never designed to cover all costs of your health care.  Most, but not all people, qualify for free Medicare Part A.  If not it can also be purchased for $422 per month.

Original Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B  helps cover services from doctors and other health care providers, outpatient care, durable medical equipment and many preventive services like bone mass measurement, lung cancer screening, medical nutrition therapy, pap test and pelvic examination, prostrate cancer screening, smoking and tobacco-use cessation counseling and many more.

Advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans (MAPD Plans) can include health coverage and a drug plan, all with no, to low monthly premiums.  Care is typically through a network of doctors and hospitals.  

Co-pays and cost sharing typically apply.   Some plans offer additional benefits at no cost including, fitness memberships, dental check-ups and discounts on eye glasses and hearing aids.  

Dis-advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

By selecting a Medicare Advantage plan, your Medicare benefits will be managed by the private insurance company that you enroll with. Typically you must select a primary care physician within their network and obtain a referral to see a specialist.  You also have cost-sharing including office visit co-pays and often 20% on selective tests.  Annual out-of-pocket limits will also apply, sometimes up to $6,700.

Deeper into Part D

Part D is the Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) part of Medicare.  Unless you have credible drug coverage elsewhere, you need to sign up for Part D coverage when you first become eligible for Medicare (you have a 7 month window).  Otherwise you will pay a penalty for life when you do enroll.  PDP plans typically have annual deductibles and tiered co-pays.  Be sure to check each company's formulary to see if your meds are included before enrolling.  See Other Infomation below for Part D.

Travel and Medicare Supplement Plans

Most Supplement Plans (Medigap) offer limited benefits for foreign travel outside the US and its Territories.  That is, up to 80% of covered services after you meet a $250 annual deductible and if care begins within the first 60 days of travel and if Original Medicare doesn't otherwise cover the care.  Also, foreign travel emergency coverage (with a Medigap policy) has a lifetime limit of $50,000.

Valuable Resources

Enrolling into Medicare

Click here to enroll into Medicare Parts A and B for the first time.  Then scroll to near the bottom of the page and select Apply for Medicare Only--see  side photo here with balloon note.

Choosing a Medigap Policy

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Medicare & You 2019

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How to enroll in Prescription Drug Plan

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State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)

Call this number to see if you qualify for help with medication costs:


Extra Help with Prescription Drugs

Go here to apply for Extra Help with Prescription Drugs:

Other Information

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Part D Income Related Monthly Adjustment (IRMA) (pdf)